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For Employees

At Healthcare Plus, we value our employees and strive to provide them with the resources they need for smooth and efficient operations. Below, you'll find a collection of our most commonly requested forms and essential links. These resources include:


Chage of Address

Change of Address/Phone Number Form

We understand that life can bring changes. If you've recently

moved or updated your phone number,  please utilize our

Change of Address/Phone Number Form to ensure we have the

most accurate and up-to-date information for you. Keeping your

contact details current helps us stay connected with you and

ensures that you receive important updates and communications.


Direct Deposit Sign Up Form

Make payday hassle-free by signing up for direct deposit with us. Our Direct Deposit Sign Up Form streamlines the process, ensuring your hard-earned wages are deposited directly into your account on time, every time. Say goodbye to paper checks and trips to the bank—enroll now for the convenience and security of direct deposit.

Direct Deposit
Update IL-W4 Form State

Update IL-W4 Form (State)

Ensure your tax withholding preferences are up to date with the latest Illinois W-4 form. Stay tax-ready and avoid surprises come tax season by accessing the most recent form now.


2024 W4 Form (Federal)

Ensure your tax withholding preferences are up to date with the latest federal W-4 form. Stay tax-ready and avoid surprises come tax season by accessing the most recent form now.

2024 W4 Form (Federal)
W2 Request Form

W2 Request Form

We understand the importance of timely access to your tax documents. If you need a copy of your W2 form, please fill out our convenient W2 Request Form. This simple process ensures that you receive this essential document promptly, allowing you to stay organized and prepared for tax season.


Paid Leave Request Form

Our Paid Leave Request Form simplifies the process of requesting time off for any reason. Submit your request with ease using our convenient form.

Paid Leave Request Form
Portal Web Clock

Portal Web Clock

Say goodbye to traditional time clocks and hello to the future of time tracking. With our Portal Web Clock, clocking in and out has never been easier. Simply log in to our online portal from any device with internet access, and you're ready to go.

Download our mobile App

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Participant Activity Report

Stay on top of participant activities and progress with our Participant Activity Task Report tool. This feature is designed to help you efficiently monitor and track tasks completed by participants.

Participant Activity Report
Lette of Experience

Letter of Experience

No high school diploma or GED? You can use this standard Letter of Experience ​if you need to substitute your relevant experience for a high school diploma or GED.

Post it-notes-message-office.png

Online Training Website

Access a wealth of resources, from pre-service to in-service training modules, tailored to meet your professional development needs. Whether you're a new recruit or a seasoned caregiver, our user-friendly platform provides flexible learning opportunities that fit your schedule.

Online Training Website
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